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Party Rules

With Arteco Party* you can create and invite as many of your friends
as possible to buy their favorite ArtDeco products.

Promoting your virtual party is easy: just share the links with your friends and customers to increase your sales.

To get the word out about your party, you can select the party host who will be responsible for sharing information about your party.

ArtDeco Party is a form of word of mouth promotion which allows the host to earn party rewards based on sales from the party.

If you are a consultant, you can select the party host from one of your customers, downline consultants, or just send an invitation to the party host during the creation of the party if the party host isn’t registered in the system. Your may also host the party yourself. Every party is valid for 10 days after its creation.

* Scheduling of ArtDeco Party is available only for registered consultants

Party Rewards

Party rewards are calculated through the points-based system. Every product purchased during the party generates a particular number of points. As a party host, all you have to do is share the link using any method you prefer, including social media and email.

While shopping, every customer will see how many party points your party has gained and how close you are to earning party rewards.

The number of rewards points is calculated by the following formula:

Party Points × Reward Level = Reward Points

1 Reward Point = $1

Reward level could differ based on earned amounts of party points.

Party Points Reward Level Reward Points
200-349 10% 20-34
350-499 12% 42-59
500-999 14% 70-139
1000+ 16% 160+

Party rewards may be used for future orders on the website.

Party rewards become available for spending on the ArtDeco site within 7 days of the party’s completion.