Our Story

Founded in 1985 and available in over 78 countries, Artdeco is a leading German lifestyle and cosmetics brand that is all about celebrating individual style. We believe that uncompromising quality, reasonable prices and gorgeous palettes work together harmoniously to help women look and feel beautiful – their way.

Whether it’s a soft “by day” palette with classic foundations and subtle lipsticks, a bold look for a night on the town with bright liners and trendy gloss hues or accommodating the many needs of a professional makeup shoot, Artdeco offers an amazing range of cosmetics for every occasion. Our makeup line is a stand-alone resource for women who want an unmatched variety of looks, but we also complement and round out other premium brands.

Artdeco focuses on empowering the modern woman to fully customize her look with magnetic, refillable makeup boxes. This presents limitless palette choices, inspiring women to arrange their preferred color combinations and change it up whenever the mood strikes.